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Lakeside by Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design

Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design have been shortlisted for  Residential £2.5-5 Million (Property Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The owners of Lakeside initially bought a property in a highly sought-after road in Esher with a dilapidated bungalow on site. This was demolished to make way for a new home. Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design were the first company appointed to the project and were tasked with establishing the plans and vernacular for an 8000 square foot home.

Lindi Reynolds

Lakeside is set at the top of the property with views to the lake below. The house was designed to have a real connection with the garden, and Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design made every effort to maximise the views to the lake. This creates a wonderful sense of harmony as the house celebrates the beauty of the garden inviting it in through its many French doors, bay windows and generous balconies.

Lindi Reynolds

The client required Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design to establish the layout of the home, ensuring that it created a style that would maximise the real estate value. The finished result should be timeless, and the house should have a sense of ‘establishment’. The designers had to present schemes for all rooms; establishing layouts, materials specifications and schedules to the client. The client specifically asked for Lindi Reynolds to come up with a lighting scheme throughout the property, all FF&E throughout, six-bathroom designs and a kitchen design.

Lindi Reynolds

Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design believe that the key aspect of this project was that they were involved at every point of the project from beginning to end as the primary design advisor. The designers were able to establish a timeless design that harmonises with the property beautifully as if it was always intended to be there. Every aspect of the design is considered, with nothing left to chance, and as a result it has a sense of grace and elegance that has been a brilliant investment for the client.

Lindi Reynolds Architectural Interior Design

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