Lavinia Light by Marta Sala Éditions

Marta Sala Éditions have been shortlisted for Seating Award  in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020

Marta Sala Éditions creates furniture with delicate, modular shapes created to optimize the use of space wherever they are placed. Stylish pieces that are also innovative, dense of heritage and knowledge. The Lavinia Light is a prime example of this.

Marta Sala Éditions

Collection IV “Frames” is composed of new creations and several reinterpretations of already existing pieces, putting the accent on elegance and light lines. From the concept of the iconic armchair Lavinia designed by Lazzarini & Pickering, a new version is created with thin tubular elements, lighter, almost essential, to underline its architectural components.

Marta Sala Éditions

The original version was realized in mat brass elements positioned one by one from the base, thanks to the skill of craftsmen, to avoid any type of visible welding. Second version, to offer a different range of prices and a lighter version, is in simil brass varnished iron.

It is completed with the homonym pouf. It is an updated version with arms of the Lavinia Light armchair, on request of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel project on Como lake.

Marta Sala Éditions

Pieces from Marta Sala Éditions stand out for the quality of the project and the care in the realization. They are full of identity, so italian, easy to be mix up and to be combined. Of course, the Lavinia Light only serves to reinforce this further.

Marta Sala Éditions

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