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Finite Solutions have been shortlisted for Home Cinema Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

An unused lower ground floor room was converted into a bespoke Cinema and Games room by Finite Solutions to deliver very high-end audio-visual performance as well as a comfortable and relaxing environment for the client’s family and friends to enjoy.

Finite Solutions

The priorities were to ensure the room was warm and cosy, provide a layout conducive to high end cinema performance but also utilised the whole room to provide fun and entertainment for the whole family which includes three young children. In terms of styling the clients wanted something completely different from the rest of the house and were open to ideas leaving Finite Solutions full discretion to design the room as they envisioned it.

Finite Solutions

Finite Solutions needed to ensure that the room didn’t feel like a cinema room but a more multi-functional space and to achieve this they designed a front screen wall which features a 9 foot wide screen flanked either side by large display shelves for the clients large vinyl collection which was being held in storage. The screen wall was designed with electric sliding doors which either cover the screen completely and reveal the  vinyl collection when relaxing and listening to music or when it’s time for a movie the doors slide apart at the touch of a button to reveal the cinema screen which completely changes the feel of the room. To ensure the room didn’t feel like too much like a cinema, Finite Solutions also created a light box over the pool table which also housed the rooms projector.

Finite Solutions

Another key element that contributed to the success of the design was the full wall and ceiling fabric finishing using a tensioned track system to create depth to conceal all the speakers and acoustic treatments. This delivered a very crisp finish as well as delivering the warm and cosy feeling and creating an ideal acoustic environment to allow the high-end Dolby Atmos surround sound system to thrive. The final touch was the built-in snack bar behind a second set of electric opening doors which Finite Solutions knew would be a real hit with the children and make the room more fun and exciting.

Finite Solutions

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