Lexham Gardens by Hawksbee

Hawksbee have been shortlisted for Lighting Scheme Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

Working with a period property in Kensington, London, Hawksbee Lighting Design Consultancy purposely moved away from replicating this style with the lighting design scheme that they implemented.  They were asked directly by the client to move away from what was an existing runway approach of lighting, to a concept that was concise, contemporary and invisible.


This project was a full refurbishment of a central London duplex apartment for a young family, which meant that Hawksbee had to consider a number of factors in the refreshed design. The concept had to account for the functionality required for a family home, the clients’ extensive collection of artwork and sculptures, and the vision of the interior designers. Whilst the project was the illumination of these factors, it was also about the control of the installation and about providing the scenes to suit each of these uses.


Each element of Hawksbee’s lighting scheme is there for a reason. It considers the interior designer’s concept while providing lit texture and layering throughout the scheme, whether it’s the children’s bedrooms or the kitchen. There is purpose to all elements, the clusters of varying sizes of recessed elements, the flexibility of the expressed product, there is a necessary purity when illumination is placed where it is needed. With an intangible factor such as this, Hawksbee considers what light touches first and foremost.


Any concealed lighting details are placed in locations which enhance the surrounding materials and provided backgrounds to task areas, discussing the focus on lighting and it’s function in task areas with the client. The concealed ‘geo-centric’ lighting with the staircase maybe a transition zone but it overwhelmingly connects the floors with intrigue. This concealed detail needed to have internal curves to limit the number of visual junctions – this architectural element needed to be ethereal and working together with the installing contractor meant that it was successfully implemented; everyone who worked on the project brought an element of specialism to the project.

Though a period property, the contemporary design and product works seamlessly within the built environment.


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