Villa B. by Liaigre

Liaigre have been Shortlisted for  Luxury Residence – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Villa B. is an elegant, warm and comfortable residence for the everyday life of a family who appreciates to enjoy all facilities at home, share them with loved ones, and who places the art of living at the top of their priorities. The owners chose Studio Liaigre not only for the luxurious simplicity that is characteristic to its style, but even more importantly for the Studio’s ability to make every project unique, by conceiving and producing all elements on a custom basis.


The residents wanted every room to play its part in a perfectly well orchestrated composition, with a rare focus on detail, but never tipping over into ostentation. The owners wanted to have a warm atmosphere based around natural materials emerge, but also wanted to avoid white walls. This particular atmosphere is created thanks to a subtle spectrum of brown tones, brushed-patinated metal, green onyx, dark stained oak, cedar and Muschelkalk limestone. The four stories of this 21,500 square meter townhouse are served by a spectacular spiral staircase, a genuine spinal cord for the house that creates circulation between reception rooms, bedrooms and facilities such as a swimming pool, a bowling alley and a cinema.


The building is a real statement; opaque and austere when you look at it from the street ensuring a perfect privacy to the family, and completely transparent from the garden with glass windows all over the façade. This allows incredible views on the garden and the river, offering a harmonious continuum between the interior and the exterior, notably thanks to materials such as the marble of the facade that are invited in various rooms, or the brushed metal with its brown patina that is found on the walls, including in the basement.


The design works well because it reflects all aspects this family’s personal lifestyle, cultivating the exceptional with the sole aim of making everyday life more beautiful. In both its hugeness and refinement, this house carries all the characteristics of an open, friendly home. A perfect balance.


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