Cimax Design Engineering(Hong Kong) Limited are Shortlisted for the ID&A 2014 Office Award

design et al are delighted to announce the recent shortlist of Cimax Design Engineering(Hong Kong) Limited in the ID&A 2014 Office Award.

Top time office image 3

Located in a quiet old plant area in the prosperous CBD of Beijing, TOP TIME OFFICE is an office for movie and TV talents and creative people alike.

The designer retained as much as was possible of the original walls and the ceiling of the old plant for taking the concept of movie & TV dream works. The designer also utilised multiple exquisite colorful glass boxes for integrating bold building materials such as steel plates and bars for elaborate deconstruction, combination and construction.

Top time office image 2

The areas for meeting, work, make-up, fitting, discussion and reception are well and reasonably partitioned and arranged in such a tonality that is almost pure white, so as to create a delightful and united creative organism.

The specially designed overlong working droplights and scattered suspension ceiling lamps are especially ornate and dynamic in the pure white world, which perfectly integrates the spirit of space design and the temperament of users.

Top time office image 5