Life Asoke Hype by Vair Design Studio

Vair Design Studio has been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

The project is a sales gallery of The Life Asoke Hype, a condominium project located in Rama 9 district, a new CBD in Bangkok. With affordable land price and easy access to major parts of the city, the area has become home to various Asian communities, who migrated to Bangkok. Over the years, the area has become a melting-pot of cultures, the characteristic that makes it unique and interesting.  The aim was to create a place that not only reflects the characteristics of the location but also provides an exciting twist to the familiar Asian design elements.

Vair Design Studio

Greeting at the entrance is the reception area with the feature wall made of extruding metallic rectangles inspired by a Chinese medicine cabinet. The light boxes made of laminated fabric glass remind people of lights shining through washi paper doors.

On both sides of the main hall are deep red walls inspired by the texture of traditional bamboo fence. The western style round booth seats provides an element of surprise as well as creating the semi-enclosed space in the middle of the hall dedicated for sales activities.

Vair Design Studio

The design brings about a well-balanced eclectic contemporary style, a collection of elements from various culture and time, that represent the characteristic of the project and the location.

Vair Design Studio have created a sales gallery that is unique enough to capture attention yet familiar enough to feel comfortable in. It represents the characteristics of the condominium, the history, the location as well as its people.

Vair Design Studio

The design is well integrated into the wider environment because it inspired by the multicultural nature of the location. The feature wall at the reception, which made of metallic rectangle of difference thickness to mimic the look and feel of an unruly Chinese medicine cabinet, is specially designed and customised for this project.

Vair Design Studio

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