Congratulations to Light IQ, winner of the Lighting Scheme Award in The International Product Design Awards 2014

Light IQ successfully won the Lighting Scheme Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

“A Splash Of Luxury” By Light IQ

Design Brief:
Client wished for a fun filled space that the whole family would use. Dramatic enough to pull the children away from the TV and grown up enough for the parents to entertain.

Inspiration Of The Design:
The dramatic architecture required a lighting scheme to compliment and enhance the space with enough impact to draw the family from the comfort of their main residence. The exterior lighting had to be subtle enough to sit quietly within the the forest setting, thus the idea of an Asian lantern with kinetic movement started to develop.

Light-IQ-Pool-webThe sculptural qualities of the build are accentuated with tiny up-lights. Linear underlighting of the exterior steps create the sensation that the pavilion ‘floats’ on the man made pond. Discrete light fittings were tucked in to the eaves to light the balconies and prevent the black mirror effect at night.

The creation of the pond / mini lake was to reflect our dramatic ‘lantern’ at night reinforcing the sculptural silhouette and the drama of the lighting scheme. Low hanging fibre optics over the pool were used with colour and a sparkle wheel. This ensures a subtle movement, which is reflected across the dark surfaces at night.

Decorative glass panels are optimised by both natural light during the day and artificial light at night adding a decorative element and soft colour to the space. The volume of light required for the overall ambience was created by the introduction of a skylight set at the back of the room This is then subtly light with LEDs at night so that it does not become too dark. The second form of ambient light wasworking within the structural framework of the beams. Linear LEDs were recessed between the beams.

LEDs were used throughout to ensure the lighting scheme was driven by energy efficiency, drama and low maintenance. A pre set control system ensures each member of the family has their own preferred light setting, this can be controlled both internally within the building as well as from the main house.


Why does the design work so well?
The extraordinary detail required to integrate a large variety of light effects into a very structural build with almost no ceiling cavity and still ensure that when any effect is off the source cannot be seen. The overall effect is of harmony and discretion until the crazier scene buttons are pressed and drama and dynamics take over.