Lime Design Limited gain last Shortlist spot in the Residential £1-2.5 Million category

Lime Design Limited have achieved further Shortlist success in the Asia-Pacific Residential £1-2.5 Million category with their project ‘House 58′. From the project’s inception to its completion, the desired result and shared vision of both the designer and the owner was to turn the initial bare shell of a home into one that oozed ‘modern elegance and sheer sophistication’, this was achieved by way of intelligent design and involved the careful selection and placement of luxurious furnishings and decorations throughout the property.


Since the whole master bedroom level measures 2000 square feet alone, we decided to create an entrance foyer leading into the master bedroom – a luxury in itself in any home! The obvious advantage of having a foyer leading into the master bedroom is that you cannot see the bed upon opening of the master bedroom door and the effect is give the room an even more sumptuous and majestic feeling.


Another key aspect of the project is the impressive floor to ceiling height of the living room. As you walk through the doors of the property, you are instantly struck by the dramatic double height ceiling in the living room. This room is stunningly accentuated by two elegant raindrop chandeliers and united by a beautiful triptych hanging on the back wall. The marble staircase and the tall bookshelf separate the living room and the dining room. The installation of light troughs along the curved wooden panelling distinguishes the dining area and gives it the modern touch and emits a sensual hue that gives the room its refined sophistication. In the basement, the intimate spa is filled with natural light from the skylight that makes the space refreshing and airy with an organic shaped bathtub serves as a contrast to the straight edges and lines throughout the master bathroom.


The vast living quarters are complimented by marble and wooden flooring as well as European vintage furniture to create a comfortable and tasteful house. The wooden floors exude a warm and intimate feeling, contrasted by the clean and refreshing marble floors. By playing around with the lighting we were able to create a soft and soothing ambiance. A sumptuous home that oozes modern elegance and sheer sophistication.