Lime Design Limited make the Shortlist with Project ‘House 42’

Lime Design Limited have been Shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific Residential £1-2.5 Million (Project Value) Award at the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. Their project ‘House 42’, has been transformed from a traditional house into a vibrant and exquisite modern retreat located in Xiang Mi Hu, China.

Despite the fact that this was a 8,000 square foot property, the client’s vision was to create a home that was intimate whilst at the same time exuding the ultimate bespoke luxury and majesty, a home in which family members could still interact with convenience. “We were keen to put a twist on the traditional Chinese interpretation of luxury and expensive design which can sometimes be over the top. Our aim was to create a design that is subtle and elegant, avoiding the usual extravagant and grandiose approach.”

“We think the seamless transition from one room to the next plays a key part to making this home so contemporary and stylish. As one can see in the pictures, the bookselves along the staircase is a perfect example of the living room interacting with the dining area creating a natural flow while retaining the spaciousness of the home. The sliding door in the master bedroom showcases another divided space that is flawlessly connected into one. A wide staircase, lined with a bookshelf, then provides a spacious transition into the dining area.”
The various colours on the ceiling show different areas of the house, especially notable is the wooden panel above the dining area, contrasted with red wallpaper with the stingray mirror to lighten the dramatic effect of the wall.

“A favourite aspect is the master bedroom which was designed to exhibit an interactive space; the study is separated with a sliding door to allow the spouse to have an intimate and private space. The glass house follows the same logic as it allows the owners to enjoy the flowers and garden.”
The result, a home taken away from the traditional perceptions of luxury and beauty in China and to experiment with something altogether more modern and subtle, resulting in a homey yet stylish abode.