Congratulations to LINLEY who have been shortlisted for a Bespoke Cabinetry award

design et al are delighted to announce that LINLEY have been shortlisted in the Bespoke cabinetry category of the International Product Design Awards 2015 

Synonymous with elegance, the graceful curves of the cabinet are accentuated by hand-dyed eucalyptus which is pressed over a faceted form to create a velvety quilted effect. The LINLEY craftsmen employed innovative techniques to produce this unusual and intriguing finish.The dove grey of the sculptural veneers oozes sophistication, its shimmering surface reflecting the light to glisten like a cut diamond. Accentuating the curves by providing a contrast both in material and colour, the rich polished brash frame, handles and stringing add a lustrous and opulent touch.

IPD_LINLEY_Grace Cabinet_2Angular shapes in the base complement the concave and convex curves of the cabinet both inside and out which in turn add to the tactility evoked by the rippled figure of the eucalyptus veneer. Lined in bleached Anegre in a book matched pattern, the subtle difference between the interior and exterior veneers is accentuated by the inbuilt lighting system which activates as the doors are opened, flooding the interior with a warm glow. The lighting system has been designed to produce the perfect light for applying cosmetics or styling hair, bearing in mind that mirrors and lighting are crucial when getting ready.

IPD_LINLEY_Grace Cabinet_thumbnail

 The sophisticated cabinet opens to reveal an array of shelves, drawers and compartments for storing jewellery, make up, hair brushes and perfume bottles as well as a large mirror to ensure the perfect look before leaving the house. An integrated stool covered in quilted grey leather sits beneath the cabinet creating a seamless outline but also allowing for comfort when removed from underneath to sit on.

IPD_LINLEY_Grace Cabinet_3