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H Tasting Lounge by LIV Design Studio

LIV Design Studio has been shortlisted for Restaurant – Americas Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020.

LIV Design Studio’s vision was to design a modern and vibrant art deco inspired lounge that celebrates and reflects Howard Hughes’ glamorous life including his lengthy residency at the hotel.  The design’s intent was to create an inviting space that would attract hotel guests and visitors to sit and relax, to dine and socialise, and to see and be seen. The Howard Hughes legacy inspired and directed many of LIV Design Studio’s choices, validating many of the art deco flourishes, colours and finishes – even representing his fascination with aeronautics.

LIV Design Studio

The art deco inspired interior features a variety of plush velvet seating, leathery banquettes, and marble topped tables, all whilst ensuring maximum multi-functionality of the space. Panelled blue walls act as acoustic panels, dampening sound while paler hues of blue velvet cover the seating. Matte blush walls delicately balance the space. The blue and blush create a contemporary yet elegant palette, elevated by the gold trim and panels throughout the lounge.

LIV Design Studio

LIV Design Studio designed the 21’ long cocktail bar to command attention, with leather padded front panels and natural stone countertop, accented with gold banding and LED lighting. White oak veneer was chosen to compliment all other millwork within the space. Centred in the lounge’s ceiling is a custom glass art installation LIV Design Studio designed with LASVIT.  Each unique piece of the installation’s hand-made Bohemian crystal was carefully shaped, hand polished and positioned to mimic the air current generated by an aeroplane’s propeller. LIV Design Studio carried the visual concept of a propeller’s rotation throughout the space, noticeably integrated in the metal screen designs.

LIV Design Studio

To ensure the lounge would aesthetically coexist with the hotel’s adjacent spaces, LIV Design Studio reviewed supplier’s product offerings and custom options, curating the perfect palette, furnishing and finishes to cohesively integrate H Tasting Lounge into the hotel. The design of the space was part of a broader brand identity package that LIV Design Studio created, from the feature logo to curated table settings, menus and attire for all the staff.  All of these elements were designed to complement the art deco inspired interiors of the lounge and support the client’s goal of creating a bespoke experience.

LIV Design Studio

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