Living Pavilion Property Makes Asia-Pacific Shortlist

macBantry Bay House, a living pavilion property in Mosman – Beauty Point, New South Wales, made the final shortlist selection for the Asia-Pacific Design & Architecture Awards 2013 this week. This stunning residential property design is the work of MacCormick-Simonian Architects and MacCormick & Associates Architects.

“The living pavilion flows out to the viewing terrace on one side and to the courtyard on the other and in this way protects the courtyard from strong winds and the western sun. The family prepares and eats meals as much in the courtyard kitchen as they do inside.

A pair of living pavilions rest above a stone podium and define an internal courtyard, a between-space. The podium becomes an extension of the street rock face below and a link between the pre-existing tennis court and the expansive west view.

The living pavilion bends to subtly define the verandah seating space and to direct views up the depth of Middle Harbour. The cantilever signifies this view externally. The secondary pavilion houses the guest bedroom and children’s play areas.

The 11m ascent to the podium from the street below begins with an inauspicious steel portal in the rock face that joins a stair cut in the rock which further climbs around the stone plinth to front door.

The space between the pavilions is collectively; the entry, a courtyard for a sculptural landscape, the vertical circulation, as well as a tool affording cross ventilation, solar access and natural light.

A steel structure tethers the pavilions and then morphs into a dramatic canopy to protect the outdoor entertaining area from the sun and rain – the western pavilion protecting the terrace from winds.

Private spaces are housed within the refuge of the stone plinth; the thick walls also assisting in thermal control. To encourage participation in the garden, the bedrooms open directly onto a green roof above the garage.”