LOGICA YACHTS srl Shortlisted in the IY&A Awards 2015

LOGICA YACHTS srl have been shortlisted in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. design et al is delighted to announce the Italian Shipyard will compete with MY LOGICA for the Power Yacht over 40 metres Award.

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LOGICA YACHTS imagined a navetta-style vessel that was comfortable, quiet and light-filled with a rational distribution of available space — a boat designed to make the most of everything the Med has to offer.

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Logica had to be as beautiful as a sailboat of equivalent length, but as roomy and comfortable as three of them. Derived from Brenta Yacht Design studio’s renowned work in sailboat design, the idea behind the yacht’s elegant exterior styling was to import the culture and values of Mediterranean sailing into the world of displacement cruising. She appeals to owners who are genuinely passionate about yachting and the sea.

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The design brief for MY LOGICA (Logica 147) called for a different set of criteria: comfort rather than top-speed performance and the romance of classic design combined with contemporary appeal. At the same time, the exterior form had to be as much an expression of its function as it would for a sailing yacht.

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If you start from the bow and work your way backward, the design has a coherence and fluidity with no surprises or jarring elements.

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The key to producing a timeless design is taking something from the past and adding something from the future, which is more difficult than it sounds.