Marie Burgos Design are Shortlisted for the Hotel Residence Award.

design et al are delighted to announce that Marie Burgos Design have been shortlisted for the Hotel Residence Award in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014.

The Hotel residence sports a mix of mid-century modern and contemporary style.


The owners travel from China to New York often and wished for a place to stay that felt more like home. This private suite at The Lombardy Hotel was remodeled and redesigned to fit their design taste but also appeal to other potential guests renting the suite.


It was important to the clients that the space be comfortable, practical and durable but also beautiful. With that list, Burgos focused her energy on creating a harmonious layout with the practical functionality that was pleasing on the eyes. The overall colour palette is composed of soft neutrals from the natural wool area rug and beige walls in the living room to the satin white wall tiles and linear stone beige floor tiles in the bathroom.


Pops of colour are introduced throughout the space through fine art photography, colourful custom made soft furnishings, such as the window treatments and pillows and glassware accents. Generating custom soft furnishings was very important to creating the cozy home-like feel.


The design offers everyday functionality in a relaxed and appealing environment, which is exactly what travelers require.