London Land Interiors Shortlisted for Bathroom Award

London Land Interiors have been shortlisted for the Bathroom Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015.

This elegant remodeling of an apartment in Lennox Gardens has been tailored with luxurious finishes and elegant furnishings in pale natural tones and textures; providing the basis for an uncomplicated living space.


The brief was to simplify the layout and maximise the feeling of spaciousness. The designers had to fit a generous master suite with dressing room, a smaller guest suite, a guest cloakroom, an open plan living/ dining area with small but fully equipped kitchen, and as much storage as possible, into 120sqm.


The team selected finishes that are warm, creamy and matte in accordance with the client’s wishes for a simple and honest approach. All marble finishes are honed; the rubbed down Venetian plaster in the living room is tactile and velvety; and all lacquered joinery is finished in a matte, warm white. Natural brushed oak floor boards and a beautifully simple light Emperador marble fireplace complete the scheme. Bathrooms clad in Silver Travertine with mirror polished stainless steel accents add a sophisticated edge.


London Land Interiors