London Townhouse by PAPER + WHITE

PAPER + WHITE  have been shortlisted for Living Space – London Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Take a five storey Georgian Townhouse nestled in the heart of London’s exclusive Chelsea and renovate it from top to bottom into a clean, uncluttered space that is beautiful yet still says welcoming family home was the brief for PAPER + WHITE Creative Director & Interior Architect, Davina Stanley.


Her belief in art as a fundamental design tool for conveying style, personality and ambience became the key design aspect for the project and art choices were factored in right at the start of the creative process rather than as an afterthought at the end. These initial discussions involved spending time with the client to establish their style and what speaks to them, what existing artwork could be refreshed and rehung, and what new pieces needed to be sourced or commissioned for specific spots.


Neutral rooms with pale walls provided the perfect setting for bold pieces, allowing the images to become the focal point and inspiration for the rest of the scheme and for the tones to dictate other accent colours around each room. Impactful spots such as above a fireplace, sofa or in the centre of a wall were chosen for each piece and with this elegant Georgian townhouse’s large heritage windows, Davina echoed these beautiful features with a bold painting roughly the same dimension. One example is the dining room where hanging the image directly opposite the dining table helped define this formal eating space in the open-plan room, while the warm hues tied in with the rich walnut chairs and red cushion covers for a harmonious feel.


With the artwork hung, collating, layering and mixing other styles, artefacts and items of intrigue were used throughout to bring the family’s own story and sense of character to life. This design ethos is a key driver behind PAPER + WHITE’S work, as Davina and her team strive to create timeless interiors that can adapt over time, while introducing drama and interest with artwork, and creating spaces that reflect a client’s personality over a house style.


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