Louis Henri Ltd - Dragontale Rug

Congratulations to Louis Henri Ltd shortlisted for Flooring – Carpet/Rug Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Louis Henri Ltd has been shortlisted for the Flooring – Carpet/Rug Award in The Product Design Categories within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

The Dragontale rug came from a dream designer, Louis Henri, had after viewing a client’s apartment in Kensington, London. Louis has always been fascinated by the water’s edge having painted water lilies in oils and mixed media for the past 3 years.

Louis Henri Ltd - Dragontale Rug

As with all of Louis’s designs there is playfulness to the design but with a classical influence balancing the overall layout. Dragonflies are always at the water’s edge touching but no more. This mirroring of the dragonfly within the water is reflected in the design flowing in and out of sight, and then out of reflection. Handmade from 100% New Zealand wool, the rug features high-relief carved and low looped details. With a silver and gold detailed Dragonfly, flying in and out of sight like a dragontale. The Dragontale rug measures 2.6 meters in diameter.

Louis Henri Ltd - Dragontale Rug


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