Lucas/Eilers Design Associates

Congratulations to Lucas/Eilers Design Associates shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2018

design et al are delighted to announce that Lucas/Eilers Design Associates have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Americas Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2018.

Western elements, significant art and warm mountain textures were integrated into the design of this home in the Utah mountains by Lucas/Eilers Design Associates.

“A nod to the American West” was adopted as the motto as Lucas/Eilers Design Associates worked to design spaces rich with warm mountain textures integrated with subtle Western elements. Lucas/Eilers Design Associates have worked with the client of this magnificent property on several other occasions, the learning curve was easy to overcome. Lucas/Eilers Design associates knew the direction would focus on great art and local colour of the region.  Artwork for the project was collected from trips to Santa Fe, Los Angeles, New York, London, Houston and many stops in between. The engaging result is a simple but substantial interior to balance the breath-taking mountain views.

Reclaimed hand-hewn timbers were incorporated into the ceiling details, along with hand forged iron turn-buckles. Lucas/Eilers Design Associates especially enjoyed the opportunity to enlist many favourite fabricators to produce their unique ideas for custom furnishings, finishes, rugs and interior details. Each element of the design was chosen to represent the native feel of the Utah region.

Three layers of torn paper create the wallcovering for the dining room that was inspired by the historic cave paintings found throughout Utah.  Sculptural bronze light fixtures with organic shapes of leaves and lashings were created in oversized scales to relate to the large spaces. Colourful one of a kind rugs were designed with Native American motifs to make the rooms warm and inviting.

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates collaborated with talented artisans to create the custom burnished antiqued steel fireplace surrounds and the oversized riveted fireback that spans the wall behind the cooktop in the kitchen. The most rewarding aspect of the project is the client’s satisfaction with the design and warmth that the home provides.

The unique custom designs created specifically for this project such as the Native American Iconography that was used for inspiration in the custom rugs, the oversized custom bronze leaf pendant light fixtures from a London artist that were used as sculptural lighting in the foyer and a majestic bison art piece that was commissioned from a German artist to provide a focal point to the entrance of the home.

This project is special because it marries international collaboration with regional themes to create a sophisticated design rich in local colour. The design complements the world class architecture of a prestigious east coast firm known for their use of natural elements and architecture that relates to the surrounding spaces. The history, art and colour that are represented throughout the home embody the landscape of the American West.

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates