Company in Profile: Michael Reichenecker, Aircraft Interior Architect with Lufthansa Technik

Name: Michael ReicheneckerMICHAEL REICHENECKER 1

Company: Lufthansa Technik

Position within company: Aircraft Interior Architect


What projects are you currently working on?

Currently working on a variety of quite prestigious projects simultaneously. I must say I am very happy that the “Welcome Home” A350 concept has been received with great interest by the media and most of all, by some of our most prestigious customers.

What projects have you recently completed?

The latest has been a B747-8 VIP project.

What companies have you worked with for the above projects?

I worked with the former B/E Aerospace, and Interiors in Flight, and have been able to introduce a new and very time- and quality efficient way of producing real VIP seats quickly and precisely by utilizing 3D CAD models as a basis for machining the upholstery. The seats came out beautifully in the lowest down time ever.

Where do you feel aviation design is going in terms of interior schemes?

We clearly see aircraft interiors developing into an art form of it’s own. Lufthansa Technik seems to be leading this approach towards a less formal and more homely environment in the sky. The superb new aircraft models of Boeing and AIRBUS are providing an excellent basis for this.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2016 and beyond.

When referring to aircraft interior architecture, I would say:

Creating a surrounding which is as healthy as possible enhanced by relaxing amenities such as SPA, steam shower etc. in an airplane.
Flexible floor plans that easily adapt to the owner’s changing requirements.
Fresh cooking and ideal nutrition.
Top entertainment.
Easy and reliable connectivity. For example: internet and video conferencing.

What are your favourite recent schemes – please describe key elements.

The starting point for the A350 Home has been to analyse the needs of any human being.  A healthy surrounding, fresh food, areas for communication and other areas suited for relaxation.

I think any interior design basically focusing on the human being and his universal needs has a chance to turn into a successful solution.

On top of that we need to understand what is important to our customer. I see Interior architecture as a strategy that helps clients unfold their potential. The design needs to reflect its purpose and represent its owner.  The combination of both the former, the universal need, and the latter, the individual requirements will be the closest we can get to a scheme.

 If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?

Do not be afraid to explore beyond what anybody tells you is possible.

 What products/services could you not live without when designing?

Designing for me is thinking, mostly and then research. For fast idea sketches I often use a tablet computer, for more detailed drawings a PC. I also greatly appreciate the assistance of my talented colleagues.

As a designer please list the following

The place that gives you most inspiration.
My house located in Berlin.

 The place you can relax
The same.

The most inspirational design scheme/project you have seen/visited in recent times.
Since I am an accredited architect for buildings as well, I have agreed taking on a few very interesting real estate projects in Berlin. The empty sites have been quite inspiring together with the surrounding nature. I am looking forward to getting started there!

 Any final thoughts?

Thank you to Design et al & Luxe et al for providing a platform to present somewhat unusual designs such as VIP aircraft interiors to a broader audience.

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