Lufthansa Technik Shortlisted for the IY&A Awards 2014

Lufthansa Technik have been shortlisted in the International Yacht and Aviation Awards  with their project “Long Range Traveller” entering the Private Aviation Interior Design Concept category

MainCab FWD

Completion Centre: Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg


Interior Designer: Michael “Skyboek” Reichenecker

The design of the seat structure was developed in a cooperation between Lufthansa Technik and PIERREJEAN DESIGN STUDIO.


A concept study for a carbon fiber based light weight interior including innovative lighting, paneling, wall structures and rapid decompression features.




In the main cabin the technical goal was to allow for the maximum range of roughly 6,100nmi as defined by the manufacturer. From a design point of view, first, you need to optimize the floor plan and then secondly dispose of everything non-essential without compromising comfort.

The designer invented a modular carbon fiber wall system that incorporates rapid decompression functionality in the interior walls and does not require a secondary structural subset. In addition, the lining consists of modular carbon fiber elements with integrated cabin lighting and air conditioning systems. The elements also have inbuilt window shades and last butnot least, cover the noise insulation.

Essential interior furnishings comprise of seats, some storage and room dividing elements. Here the diving element is an organic shaped monument that can also be used for storage. The dividing element separates the dining and working areas and it also contains the only heavy monitor.

The basic black and white color scheme derives from the carbon fiber material itself. The designer used black as the signature colour for carbon fiber and grey hues for the carpet, leather coverings and other materials.

 MainCab FWD GroundConcept


Lufthansa-Technik  showcase a press-button conversion of the grounded aircraft into a well-lit and air-conditioned conference space. This allows for prudent and discreet meetings on the spot.



There are four private sleeping pods which are multifunational and  can be used for  work or relaxation.


The modular structure also works for smaller rooms such as the bathroom.

Overall the cabin design reflects the objective of a light-weight multi-functional space. The concept will become a baseline for future investigation of these concepts.

  Entrance to PODs

The VIP design industry often is strongly confidential as related to customer privacy. The IY&A awards help to present designers working in this field to a wider audience.