Luna2 Studios have reached the short-list in three categories for The International Hotel and Property Awards 2013…


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Luna2 studios has 14 studios, orbit restaurant, underground pop! lounge bar, rooftop ‘space’, Lunaplex
16-seat cinema and more in visionary Luna2 design by Melanie Hall.

They describe it as ‘cosmic pads for globe-trotting gastronauts!’

Founder & Designer Melanie Hall’s approach developed from her love of great modernism of the past century, combined with innovation of the future, and a touch of humour – a style which Melanie refers to as ‘funked-up modernism’. With this in mind there are touches of nostalgia, futurism and fun throughout Luna2 studios.
The architecture is simple, with reference to great modernism. Devoid of fuss, the unique Panton-esque façade offers a glimpse of what to expect inside. This ‘Bubble-icious’ signature pattern repeats itself throughout Luna2 studios.
The playful colour scheme in primary reds, yellows, blues and greens was inspired by classics such as Lego, Monopoly and Piet Mondrian; nostalgic to the max and still popular today, these references are translated effortlessly into something new.

Timeless colours pop from the white ‘canvas’, with woven European fabrics, optic art, geometric patterned fabrics and carpets, stainless steel and acrylic pieces, and walnut finishes creating welcoming, vibrant spaces. The four-way colour scheme culminates in the lobby artwork and the Mondrian-ic swimming pool. Thereafter each colour permeates throughout the building, individually inhabiting its own space in each studio.

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