Luxe Master Bathroom by FDG Design Group

FDG Design Group have been shortlisted for Master Bathroom Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Influenced by their expertise in wellness and Spa design, FDG Design Group wanted to deliver an experience to the homeowner that created their own personal oasis. FDG were intrigued by the advancement of technology and how it has transformed the bathing experience showcasing how wellness and technology meet. The Master Bathroom has been designed as a place to relax and unwind, taking cues from the Spa experience to create a luxury oasis in the home.

FDG Design Group

The interior aims to embrace the function of the bathroom creating an element of allure and pizazz. Special consideration has been given to the ambiance, combining art, natural stone, stylish fixtures, polished finishes bring a sense of luxury. Indulge in the Master Bathroom that combines innovation using technology to create your personal retreat.

Special consideration has further been given to the ambiance of the bathroom through natural wood cabinetry by Merritt Woodwork and through integrating lighting from Boyd Lighting on the side wall panels at the vanities we create an understated approach to vanity lighting. Da Vinci’s natural stone slabs, Kohler smart fixtures provide an interactive shower experience that allows the homeowner to set their own music whilst enjoying the steam shower. The intent was to create a sensory experience that.

FDG Design Group

For FDG Design Group, the best aspect of this project was conceptualizing a bathroom design that has a contemporary sensibility and allows the natural materials and art to create a sensory environment. Selecting the slab material at the slab yard which is the star of the environment and integrating art in an unexpected way.

FDG Design Group

The design creates an environment that is a retreat for the homeowner, the contemporary design, organic elements, plumbing technology elevate the bathroom experience yet allow the home owner all the luxuries required for the function of a bathroom.

FDG Design Group

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