M/Y XIMZA by Sirius Naval Architecture

Sirius Naval Architecture have been shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

XIMZA is an eco-friendly yacht that has been optimized using artificial intelligence tools, designed to minimize the hull resistance and subsequently improve her performance.

Sirius Naval Architecture

She has long curved shapes and sharp angles. Its clean lines and its open and clear spaces allow passengers to enjoy the feeling of been part of the ocean. With the objective of not breaking the sensation of continuity of the main deck, a ramp has been designed to provide access into a lounge area.

This space is, in addition, sheltered from the wind increasing comfort and, thanks to the glass panels, illuminating the lower cabin. The yacht has a large bathing platform that folds during navigation, hiding the modern and organic stern.

Sirius Naval Architecture

For Sirius Naval Architecture, their favourite aspect of this project is the fact that the design has given priority to the integration with the ocean, using large pieces of glass to enjoy the views and illuminating interior spaces even under the stern stairs.

Sirius Naval Architecture

M/Y XIMZA does well to integrate itself into the wider environment, Firstly, because her hull was designed using artificial deep learning tools, and secondly because the vessel is eye-catching thanks to her clean lines. The strong materials as steel become almost organic thanks to the curves and to the worm tones of hull and deck.

Sirius Naval Architecture

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