Maax Your Bathroom With Bathtub Sax..

The Sax bathtub has smooth lines and a nautical shape, and has been designed to be both spacious and comfortable. A notch at the tap end shows similarities to the bow of a ship, while the raised opposite end provides a comfortable bathing position. The bright Aqua and warm Ruby colours available allow customers to incorporate “the flare seen in most unique boutique hotels” into their own bathroom design and choose something unique to their personality.

The Sax bathtub’s functional features, “Above-the-floor Rough” and “1 Tub – 2 Pieces”, certainly continue Maax’s edgy references, but they do also enhance the product. The first refers to the bath’s four extendible legs, designed to allow piping to hide below the bath if required, avoiding damage to flooring. While the latter describes how the bath can be separated into 2 pieces for easier transportation. Furthermore, faucets can be installed on the “deck” at the bow-like end or separately, depending on the consumer’s preferences.