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Congratulations to Macbeth Architects & Designers with Virginie Dalais shortlisted for Hotel Suite – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2018

design et al are delighted to announce that Macbeth Architects & Designers with Virginie Dalais have been shortlisted for Hotel Suite – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2018.

The design brief for the Presidential Suite consisted of simple guidelines and requests that needed to be taken into consideration; the client put emphasis on this project being very high-end, insisting on high quality products throughout the suite whilst bearing in mind that this was the most expensive suite within the Four Seasons Resort, Mauritius. Therefore, attention to detail was very important and the key aspects required for this suite were comfort, space design and management.

Macbeth Architects & Designers

The biggest challenge for the designers was to work on an existing space and creating a natural synergy between the newly created additional master suite and bathroom. This was a great way for the designers to link up the spaces within the suite by merging the old and the new and playing around with similar materials, designs, and textures. It was also key for the designers to maintain the tropical feel and impressions of the hotel and the wider Indian Ocean.

Macbeth Architects & Designers

The use of colour, texture and shapes enable the client to connect to the typical Mauritian environment due to the strong vegetal factor connecting the sea, sun, and sand where each piece of coral was brought indoors. Reed blinds covering the ceilings painted white, had an elegant and yet tropical emphasis on the design creating an artisanal impact on the structure and interior space.

Macbeth Architects & Designers

For the designers, one of their favourite aspects was the Pierre Frey Wallpaper in the Master Suite. This was such an important feature and a sense of belonging on the tropical island, Mauritius. This project works so well because the architect and designers worked in collaboration. Together, they were able to create generous sized rooms allowing lots of light into spaces, cross ventilation, and a strong link between the outside and the inside.

Macbeth Architects + Designers with Virginie Dalais