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Congratulations to M|A|G Designs who have been shortlisted for Living Space – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that M|A|G Designs has been shortlisted for Living Space – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

The realized living space has been projected with a clear, simple & graphic scheme. A few elements have been chosen in order to create a cosy feeling, without been overwhelmed by furniture. Indeed, the main characteristic of the project is “Going to the essential”. The afore-mentioned design spread to Mag designs’ mind as the client used to have a flower shop and was very sensitive of having around him a natural environment, which could be integrated well with the outside.

M|A|G Designs

As it is possible to see from the pictures, the ceiling heights are the best part because of the volume they create, the brightness and the simplicity, but with a personality. Moreover, the design integrates and respects all the natural elements, allowing a maximum light, which goes inside the property. Furthermore, the rug recalls also a nature element (shell shape) that is able to emphasize this natural emotion.

M|A|G Designs

The furniture placed in the living space has some graphic elements and represented with strong colours. Additionally, the inspiration has been taken from those people who make the metal staircase in a Corten finish (Italian craftsmen).

M|A|G Designs

To conclude, this is one of Mag Designs’ favourite projects, showing that with a few elements, it is possible to create a warm and cosy design scheme, because “less means more”.

M|A|G Designs


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