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Campden Hill – London by Maii Interiors

Maii Interiors have been Shortlisted for  Kitchen Design Over £150,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Luxury is celebrated on all six floors of this 19th century London residence. A sober elegance is contained in the exuberant sophistication of a design scheme that manages to blend the charm of the past with contemporary appeal.  The fascinating chromatic colour theme that courses through the entire residence is given the same importance as architectural solutions. Deft attention to custom design starts in the kitchen and precedes throughout.

Maii Interiors

A significant part of the client’s brief was that regardless the diverse activities made available to family members, there had to be an area where they could socialize. The kitchen-dining area became the centrepiece, the zone where the entire family could gather for shared meals and conversation and feel the nurture of family. The task was achieved through material choice, colour palette and the magnificence of craftsmanship. Situated on the ground floor of the townhouse, a custom-made state of the arts kitchen enlisted with a three-metre custom-built island with countertop and serrated black wood base counter-top seating bar stools, in brass and python leather.

Maii Interiors

Opposite the counter, covering the expansion of the back wall, custom built-in cabinetry in brass conceals appliances and integrates the hutch. The polished satin finish gives the sfumato effect of floating clouds. Specialist artisan skills have been used in this project; the custom design of the masterful staircase, which appears more akin to sculpture and the wooden handrail and burnished brass balustrade with an interwoven brass ribbon decoration.

Maii Interiors

The design creates an organic living space, through the use of natural materials; copper, stone and wood. The design re-proposes how space, dimensions and the utility of activity co-exist in a nourishing environment, where attention is directed toward interactive family relations. The floorplan and design elements set a harmonious mood that is echoed throughout the residence. The design scheme considers the psychological effects of a multileveled residence and seeks to avoid collateral damage. The design achieves connectivity; interior to exterior and close the disparity between the different age groups residing in the space.

Maii Interiors

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