Congratulations to Major Interiors who have been shortlisted for Bedroom Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Major Interiors has been shortlisted for Bedroom Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

Major Interiors Inc. prides itself in creating remarkable interiors; each project takes great attention to detail and is customized to reflect each client’s discerning needs.  One of the greatest challenges on this project was the preservation of an early 20th-century Character Home and the preservation of the surrounding mature trees. The numerous trees were magnificent; however, they limited the light being transmitted into the bedrooms.  To counter this, Major Interiors Inc designed the master suite with a private balcony accessed via two large French doors with large sidelights to provide more opportunity for natural daylight to penetrate the room.

Major Interiors Inc deliberately painted the walls the same colour as the trim; differing only in the sheen to create a subtle contrast.  The ceiling was painted in a similarly light complimentary colour thereby making the space feel larger and brighter.  The Fendi Casa bedframe and oversized headboard anchor the space and create the focal point. Dark velvet curtains frame the window wall and provide contrast to the light Versace Home bedding. The bronze metal accents on the furnishings create subtle highlights while the Fendi fur throw adds additional luxury and texture to the space; combined with Versace Home toss cushions, there is understated elegance and depth.

Major Interiors

The walk-in closet has a central window to provide natural daylight and has wrap-around closed cabinetry to ensure there is no sun damage to the client’s wardrobe collection. Major Interiors Inc added a tinted glass top island showcases their many wardrobe accessories while a centrally located glass door cabinet highlights the limited-edition collectable handbags and shoes.  The ceiling above the island is recessed into the roof structure and up light to provide indirect ambient lighting in the room while a linear pendant offering focused downlight is suspended above the island.  Cabinet tops are top-lit to layer the space.

Major Interiors

The ensuite is an oasis and fitted with Versace Ceramic tiles, Versace bathroom accessories, and plumbing fixtures from THG with Lalique handles. The carefully selected Versace wall sconces create a delicate balance of a traditional elegance within a modern form.

Major Interiors

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