Malqa Family Home by Buthaina Humaidy Interiors

Buthaina Humaidy Interiors have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Malqa Family Home has been carefully designed by Buthaina Humaidy Interiors to remain open and functional for family living, in a way that also collaborates with the interior architecture for a contemporary and luxury tone.

Buthaina Humaidy Interiors

One of the key elements of the home, and one of the designers favourite features, are the expansive architectural features in the main lobby area. The wide windows and high ceilings bring a sense of opulence and spectacle to the room; the abundance of natural light was then matched with the natural materials and neutral tones for a calming ambience.

Buthaina Humaidy Interiors

The timeless colours and materials mean that Buthaina Humaidy Interiors’ design suits every taste, and integrates well within each other with it’s consistent use neutral elements and luxury furniture pieces carrying over into each room. The home features numerous unique pieces such as the double height shelving, which required experienced carpenters, and also the ceramic artwork that requires specialist skills to install.

Buthaina Humaidy Interiors

It is one of the beautiful residential properties that Buthaina Humaidy Interiors have worked on with a distinct interior architecture, as it has the main lobby area in the heart of the house which opens to all other rooms. The areas were beautifully zoned to be suitable for guest reception and communication; the movement created by this open architecture is mirrored by the natural materials and neutral tones that please every eye as viewers walk through the house.

Buthaina Humaidy Interiors

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