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Mangusta GranSport 45 by Overmarine Group

Overmarine Group have been shortlisted for Motor Yacht Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

The Mangusta GranSport is a line of fast displacement yachts that combines the speed to outrun squalls and the range to explore uncrowded waters with maximum onboard comfort – a flawless combination that can be summarized as ‘pure versatility’. The Mangusta GranSport 45 is the 45-metre model from the series.

Overmarine Group

The designers were requested to form a Mediterranean yacht that was able to cruise long distances in unexplored areas, to stay isolated in the natural sea and to provide luxurious comfort for the owners when onboard. Several features from the Mangusta Oceano line have been implemented into the design including the long range three deck line, tri-lateral beach club, large flybridge and a forward lounge with infinity pool. The designers worked on elegant lines which would express a strong character combined with the purity of the Mangusta DNA. The result is a yacht which combines technical features such as speed, an extended range and limited consumption with extremely high levels of comfort.

Overmarine Group

The exterior lines can be summarised in a timeless contemporary design. An explosive mix of Italian style, elegant profile and personality. She immediately strikes the eye with her balanced proportions, sleek profile, and pure and slender profile of sculpture like elegance. The play of light and show outline her dynamic proportions, with details and solutions explicitly drawn from the high-end automotive sector. All these elements are derived from in-depth research into design and style.

Overmarine Group

The Mangusta GranSport fully holds the right to be considered a flagship, if not for her length then for values and features that she shares with the 54-meter version. With the same harmonious blend of stylish design and technical solutions, a strong personality and timeless elegancy, sporty features and comfort, outstanding performances and maximum efficiency – this is a flawless combination that be summarised as ‘pure versatility’.

Overmarine Group

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