Manhattan Trading Co Fairmont Hotel by INdulge ltd

INdulge ltd has been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

The design brief was to create a truly outstanding bar and nightclub like no other in China. INdulge were given an incredible 14m high volume over the whole top floor of the hotel, and carte blanche in terms of design. They wanted to transport the guests to another world, a different era, full of glamour and sass. Think 1920’s prohibition, Manhattan, Jay Gatsby, an era of wild abandon, decadence, swanky parties, and speakeasies. Guests feel as though they have entered somewhere with a legacy.
INdulge ltd

Rich Woods clad walls, deco moldings, beveled cut glass, and herringbone parquet floors add a touch of luxury. Leathers upholstered buttoned barstools, and high wingback loungers, timeless high quality furniture give the space a very solid and established feeling. The Platform is a continuation of the main WoW bar space, tucked around the corner and under the mezzanine, think Alley cats, jazz nights, gangster mobs and great escapes.

INdulge ltd

A true Manhattan bar at 7m long, embellished with brass pipes, black metal trusses and a vaulted brick ceiling extending to the back wall of the bar, evokes a sense of back alley. Step deep inside and the back wall looks like a bell boys’ trolley bursting over with vintage leather cases.

A large circular Tiffany blue glass grand stair encircles the triple height glass lighthouse tower, and leads the guests up to a mezzanine floor to the main restaurant. Its dramatic in both style and volume. The lower section is encased in an impressive selection of liquor, whilst inside the tower raised above the bottles is the DJ decks.

INdulge ltd

There is a huge element of surprise with the triple height volume, and the Art Deco style, which is carried throughout in every detail. Each bar, of which there are four, serves a purpose and is designed in a unique style to evoke a time and place. The restaurant on the mezzanine is full of glamour and gives a true sense of occasion. The Broadway Room oozes glitz and glamour with its high vaulted and mirrored ceiling, hosts jazz nights, Burlesque shows, fashions catwalks, and private parties.

INdulge ltd

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