MARI IANIQ Shortlisted for a second Bespoke Cabinetry Award

design et al are pleased to announce that MARI IANIQ has been shortlisted for the International Product Design Awards 2016 for a Bespoke Cabinetry Award.

The charming HAPPY CLOVER on-stand is a signature design from MARI IANIQ, featuring the four-leaf clover motif.

As with all other objects in this collection, it is inspired by the eternal fourleaf clover motif seen in high-jewellery designs, with handmade metal framings and nacre inlays in the clover shaped handle. It is additionally decorated with an empty sphere suspended within two four-leaf clover shaped frames- a truly astonishing element itself and a fine detail for a very special piece.

1.1 HAPPY CLOVER on-stand by MARI IANIQThe interior of this cabinet can be bespoke, depending on the client’s wishes. The HAPPY CLOVER on-stand consists of over one hundred separate elements produced in minute detail by highly skilled artisans. It takes several weeks of skilled craftsmanship to make each piece. It is a true jewel in every space in which it lives.

Even though it is quite a large piece is remains pretty simple and very light, decorated with a gorgeous, jeweled handle and unique detail within its subtle legs. All those elements are beautifully balanced in this special piece.

1.3. HAPPY CLOVER on-stand by MARI IANIQ in ambiance


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