The Maria Theresa Historic by Preciosa

Preciosa’s Chandelier Collection reflects their heritage, shines a light on contemporary styles and presents a new interpretation for modern interiors. Is there a more regal light piece than the Maria Theresa Chandelier?

Maria Theresa’s sumptuous feminine curves and shimmering trimmings embraced by a metal and glass arm design can expand horizontally to provide radiance and atmosphere to any space.

Featuring tall candles, the Maria Theresa historic wall sconce is the perfect complement to long hallways and high ceilings. Be surrounded by the sparkle of crystal with the graceful table lamp. The historic piece is brought down to eye level with the floor lamp, providing the opportunity to study the beautiful Bohemian craftsmanship up close.

Preciosa Lighting elevates the heritage of Bohemian crystal through contemporary lighting designs. The company is built on centuries of tradition and the unique art of master glass makers from Crystal Valley. Preciosa honours this heritage and craftsmanship by creating innovative lighting products that stand the test of time.