Congratulations to Marino Alfani Yacht & Interior Design shortlisted for Concept Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020

design et al are delighted to announce that Marino Alfani Yacht & Interior Design have been shortlisted for the Concept Under 40 Metres Award in  The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

It is clear the market is changing, largely due to a rise in younger people and millennials buying yachts. It is apparent that with different generations there has also been different cultural shifts and the superyacht of today does not necessarily satisfy the needs of a younger clientele. The design must facilitate a new experience-driven way of yachting. There are a variety of design parameters to focus on in the generation of experience, firstly the social factor. Whether you are looking to party or get away from it all, the design must offer both contrasting experiences in one versatile package.

In order to cater to the current economic and larger market, Marino Alfani Yacht & Interior Design realised the yacht must be smaller than 40 meters but still maintain and go beyond the current standard for amenities and facilities on a yacht this size most notably an attractive swimming pool. In some cases, by the time a yacht is delivered it is already out of fashion or does not match the current expectations, therefore this design must be ‘ahead of the curve’ and surpass present standards.

The key aspect of the project would have to be the large tiered beach club and pool area, it offers so much possibility to potential users and comes from a progressive school of thought. However, the quality and experience of this area is emphasised due to its synergy with other parts of the design. The duality of the design is also important, offering contradictory themes for a complex clientele. Maintaining strong form whilst offering a welcoming presence, utilising sociable and private areas that come fluidly together and contributing towards a relaxed and active lifestyle.

Marino Alfani Yacht & Interior Design concept works well because it achieves all the targets set out in the brief. The layout of the yacht offers both private and sociable aspects, with the main deck and large beach club area acting as the perfect social space. Whilst other interior spaces and the fly bridge offer more intimate areas to relax. It should be noted that both spaces utilise a relaxed and informal atmosphere, that matches the desires of the younger demographic.

The connection to the water is achieved with grace, playing with the concept of a beach club and representing this ideology with a gradual incline towards the ocean. Connection to the water is also evident in other design features such as large windows, the bow seating area, open bulwarks and the open stern, it delights from every angle in a variety of ways.

Marino Alfani Yacht & Interior Design

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