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Kaido & Ama Bar by Mark Alan Diaz Design

Mark Alan Diaz Design have been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

The design intent of KAIDO & AMA is the exploration of femininity and the social and cultural duality which was viscerally experienced while traveling and researching nightlife, hospitality and culture in Japan. The primary duality in femininity was found between nightlife culture and culture significance. The project explores the celebration of both as an observer presenting two different perspectives both focused on the hierarchy of femininity.

Mark Alan Diaz Design

Kaido expresses the youthful rebellious glamorous grit, dubbed as ‘Lux/Punk’, while AMA (a secret bar in the rear of the venue), on the other hand, expresses the colourful warmth and honoured legacy of the sea diving women of Kuji Japan, which is dubbed as ‘Aquatic Nobility’. Kaido is a collection of curated moments, refined details and materials which showcase a dark and edgy inspired take on Japanese nightlife and entertainment. The venue was created to express the beauty found in the freedom women expressed and showcased behind, the closed doors of the night. Elements in the space highlight the duality of social and cultural issues by the juxtaposition of their superficial and visceral visual nature.

Mark Alan Diaz Design

Ama celebrates the proud and self-made mature ocean guardians, which are hunters and collectors of sea urchins for the love of Uni. The AMA’s are explorers of the deep, both literally and culturally. They are as strong as they are bold, and as bold as they are proud, and are literally glowing, happy beings expressing their true nature, day-in and day-out, by being stewards of legacy and tradition.

The bar sits amongst the global luxury elites atop the mountain of Paradise Plaza, and below sits Ember, a restaurant also designed by Mark Alan Diaz Design. It was intentionally placed on top to represent femininity and its innate strengths. Kaido & Ama is a fully expressed space with more than one internal voice, much like humanity. Internal conflict mixed with depth and the colour in its personality, a curated sense of self with meaning, and an attitude with resilience and hope for nostalgia.

Mark Alan Diaz Design

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