Masha Rosliakova

Nero & White by Masha Rosliakova

Masha Rosliakova have been Shortlisted for  Bathroom Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Nero & White, by Masha Rosliakova, has been designed in marble Nero Marquina and white onyx, with added light systems. The design opens up all of the natural beauty of the stone and also make additional light features. The beautiful stone surfaces can be polished like a mirror, which in turn absorbs everything around them and intensely enriches the whole space with exquisite reflections.

Masha Rosliakova

As a part of the whole residence project, by Masha Rosliakova, the main Master bathroom “Nero and White” aims to really show and express the deep beauty of the room. This very important and a private part of the house, created using a deep, polished Nero Marquino stone and White Onix with lighting systems aims to be very dramatic in its aesthetic. The striking design features two Onix sinks placed opposite each other, which were made especially for this project by Masha Rosliakova. The wings of the sink surfaces that surround the basins have been designed with practicality in mind, whilst also featuring beautiful lighting systems. The lighting then curates the sense of the open naked beauty of the Art stone.

Masha Rosliakova

All of the water systems used are by Cross Water UK and have intellectual and contemporary tone integrated as a smart system. The includes being able to control water usage, heating and the pressure with an added possibility to manipulate a personal algorithm for all family members. This combination of both the intellectual progressive technologies and the stones connect the whole picture, bringing together elegance, style and a sense of coming future.

Masha Rosliakova

Masha Rosliakova’s favourite aspect of the project is the beautiful materials, colours, and the perfection in every detail. All designs are made to order using the architect’s sketches which demonstrate the complexity of the solution and realisation.

Masha Rosliakova

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