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Anterior Design Limited have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture 2020. 

A modern classic design brings the sense of balance, stability and harmony to the residence. The essence of this combination is not about colour, but also rely on the warm lighting, clean-lined furniture and upholstery to create the atmosphere. Wooden floors in warm tones are generally used in the house, while the colours of rug, furniture and artwork energise the entire room in different ways.

Anterior Design Limited

This villa is suitable for young couples and family, which is facilitated with a garden and swimming pool as well as a playroom. Considering the functionality of the house, it provides an entertainment area for adults but also spares a playing and resting corner for kids. Use of colourful fabrics and furniture which is not of ordinary give a sense of relaxation to the user.

A high ceiling height with a crystal chandelier at the entrance foyer gives a very spacious and luxurious feeling to the property setting the tone for the rest of the property. Many of the rooms have a balcony that connects the inside and outside areas perfectly.

Anterior Design Limited

A well thought out design will always be tailored for the customers to fulfil their needs. This villa is designed for young couples and family who’s demands for a spacious and comfortable environment were highlighted. The design brings the elements of the wider environment inside through the use of plants and blues to connect the outside and indoor atmosphere.

Anterior Design Limited

Design is not only about the interior and exterior, its also all about the connection from the architecture to the spatial planning, from the layout plan to the colour and furnishing material, as well as the landscape design. There are no boundaries between them, and the influence becomes bigger and stronger when they are connected.

Anterior Design Limited

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