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His & Hers Master Walk-in Wardrobes by Chris Fell Design & Project Management Ltd

Chris Fell Design & Project Management Ltd have been shortlisted for  Bespoke Cabinetry/Installation Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The design brief for the master walk-in wardrobes, was to continue with the theme of all the interior architecture that Chris Fell Design completed throughout the entire home incorporating one of their unique home moulding collections along with specific fine woods used throughout the house. Given the unusually shaped rooms that aren’t so grand, the client wanted to have, maximum storage space with flow of space within the rooms, so that once the cabinetry was installed there was room to manoeuvre and still be aesthetically pleasing and practical to use.

Chris Fell Design

The lady of the house required storage for shoes, shelving for her handbags, a dressing table and mirror. She wanted the room to have the ambiance, glow and warmth of the wood tones. The master of the house requested storage for shoes, a countertop area with drawers beneath and a large mirror. He wanted this room to feel spacious within a small area even though he requested walnut a rich wood tone, luxurious and masculine.

Chris Fell Design

Given the space, Chris Fell Design needed to fulfil all the client’s storage requirements, along with the style to be in keeping with the rest of the home. This included contrasting colours of wood, making the cabinetry feel it was recessed into the walls by applying a bulkhead ceiling. This enabled Chris Fell Design too incorporate the up-light coving of the unique collection matching the main bedroom.

The client didn’t want downlights visible in the ceiling, so Chris Fell Design incorporated LED lighting behind the coving to suit the requirements. The clients also didn’t want particularly bright lighting so instead the designers incorporated internal LED lighting on sensors within each cabinet on the door opening. The request was to be as grand as it could be to be to scale within the space.

Chris Fell Design

Perfection and World Class were the words used within the brief given to Chris Fell Design from clients who also had a keen eye for details and a passion for wood and craftsmanship. Chris Fell believes that the design works so well as it addresses their storage requirements together with architectural design and details, making a small space feel grand in such an usual shaped space.

Chris Fell Design & Project Management Ltd

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