Congratulations to Mastrominas Architecture shortlisted for Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Europe Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Mastrominas Architecture has been shortlisted for Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Europe Award in The International Hotel & Property

Caravia Beach Junior Suites & Restaurant designed by Mastrominas Architecture is situated in a Mediterranean setting surrounded by palms. It unfolds around a communal pool which underlines the 5 bungalows and the restaurant and connects with all the structured environment via a network of decks and platforms, creating channels that surround the individual spaces. Each bungalow building is organized in two levels, ground floor and first floor, with the first providing direct access to the pool through the rooms’ private courtyards.

Mastrominas Architecture

The rooms are separated by stone walls and their yards are shaded with wooden pergolas. The restaurant becomes a reference point and the heart of the summer’s resort around which the 5 bungalows unfold. It is designed with a modern and simple style, thus providing a setting of relaxation for the dining areas, bar and open kitchen. Mastrominas Architecture used teak to underline the original exotic atmosphere created by the natural landscape, while the textiles participate in grey and natural tones enhancing the calmness and elegance of the restaurant areas.

Mastrominas Architecture

Next to the covered terrace of the restaurant is the island seating area. Behind an islet of palm trees that existed on the plot, in the centre of the communal swimming pool and complex, seats are arranged around an open fireplace, while the daybeds are arranged around the island. The outdoor seating area filters the sights of the rooms, creating a sense of privacy for the guests. Mastrominas Architecture designed white cubic room buildings are a reference to traditional Greek architecture. Rough natural materials, cement mortar surfaces and soft colours enhance the sense of simplicity, naturality and create a relaxing atmosphere. All the ground-floor suites have direct access to the pool.

Mastrominas Architecture

The plot constitutes part of the wider hotel Caravia Beach property and had been planted by its owner who adored plants, several decades ago, with Mediterranean species, mainly palm and gum trees. Our main preoccupation was to preserve as many trees as we could by integrating them into our design. The existence of a wetland in 500m distance from the plot, has been the reference for the wide swimming pool. The result is a sophisticated interweave of low buildings, water and vegetation.

Mastrominas Architecture

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