Arista Design

Mayfair House by Arista Design

Arista Design have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – London Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

Arista Design worked with Bickerdike Allen Partners and Size Group London Ltd on this opulent project from the beginning through planning permission to final details, taking a whole 6 years from start to finish. This almost 50,000 square feet Mayfair house was recently featured on Britain’s Most Expensive Home and is now worth over £250 Million. Channel 4 commissioned a documentary on the design and build of this luxurious London home.

Arista Design

The design brief was for a ‘home like no other’. Arista Design Ltd were to incorporate design aspects in the home that were fun, adventurous and quirky. Many specialists and artisans were need for such unique pieces throughout the property, for example marquetry using specialist materials like mother of pearl with shagreen inlay and specialist upholsterers for handwoven embroidery were essential for a project to this scale.

Arista Design

The final design of the project works particularly well because the house was split up into eight different zones within the design and build process, each area has a distinctly different feel, so it’s almost as if you’ve entered a completely different environment when you move from zone to zone throughout the house.

Arista Design

One of Arista Design’s favourite aspects of the project was the river running through the 3rd floor dining room which featured exotic aquatic animals such as African Cichlid fish, with no expense spared. Another of the key features of this luxury property was the Pool room in the basement, in which Arista designed a moving lava wall.


Arista Design

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