MEGRE INTERIORS have been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Yuna Megre’s breath taking vision has created an immersive VIP Lounge experience to bring together both the creative and business minds, with the goal of furthering the conversation of innovation, transformation, and collaboration.


Sleep & Eat, Europe’s leading design and innovation event for the hospitality sector, unveiled its 2019 VIP Lounge in partnership with Russia’s leading hospitality design firm, MEGRE INTERIORS: the first time an international designer has been appointed to curate the exclusive lounge for the event.

Celebrating this year’s event theme of ‘Social FlexAbility’, Yuna Megre, Principal of MEGRE INTERIORS, has envisioned a genuinely unique concept for the event. MEGRE INTERIORS transformed the Olympia Club Room into a whimsical flora-inspired experience. Where one was not quite sure where the walls end and the floor begins, where shapes disappear and give way to the emotion of colour and pattern, that exists both in two and three dimensions, where lights, smells and sounds all tie in, overtaking the senses.


“The soul is a boundless wilderness that blossoms fully only when we meaningfully connect. In an age marked by the impersonal, it’s vital to trust people over brands. To meet, to see, to know each other, and embark on the adventure of creation together” – MEGRE INTERIORS.

Yuna Megre wanted to create a space that communicated a more tribal interpretation of social ‘flexibility’. ‘GATHER’ reflects the essence of what this theme is about – investing in a meaningful exchange. The designers developed a design with an orbital seat that encompasses a central lighting piece for guests to ‘gather’ around. The layout encourages communication – some people choose to face outwards into the room, whilst others sit facing the centre, interacting with someone across the circle. They used a strong floral print to remove form and instead highlight our sense of light and colour. Using these different design tools, they were able to set the tone for the space and influence guests in how they interact with it.


GATHER is a whimsical and enlightening experience, designed to encourage innovation, transformation, and collaboration.


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