Icon By Design: Bali’s Merah Putih Shorlisted For Restaurant Award 2013

thumbnail2A high-end, iconic restaurant showcasing the best in 21st century Indonesian cuisine and culture has been shortlisted for the design et al ‘Restaurant Award 2013’ (part of the International Design & Architecture Awards 2013).

Merah Putih, submitted by Inspiral Design was created for impact, to inspire the high-end restaurant scene in Bali with something eye-catchingly iconic and totally unique. The restaurant was designed to be a beacon of luxury dining, attracting restaurant-goers from across South East Asia. The space is spacious yet romantic; filled with light during the day and transformed into an ambient, intimate space with low lighting at night.

The design brief called for an ultra-contemporary feel, weaving elements of Indonesian culture throughout. Sustainable design and green technologies were also a key consideration. In terms of space, Merah Putih was built to accommodate over 130 seated guests, plus a lounge bar, wine room and private dining areas.

Not only is the overall aesthetic bold and elegant, but bespoke features have been created to overcome pressing environmental needs. One great example is an inverted waterfall, integrated into the roof design, made to be both visually impressive and functionally sound. Viewed through translucent fabric roof funnels, rainwater cascades into the building and into large storage tanks which are then filtered using an advanced ozone based, low energy filtration system. The water is then utilized in all areas of the restaurant where it is required. Waste water from the washrooms and the kitchen also runs through this filter.

The project is a leading light for inexpensive sustainable design, uncompromising on aesthetic and pioneering in new technologies. Merah Putih encourages water recycling by design, highlighting new ways to manage natural resource concerns on the island resort of Bali, which has suffered a water crisis in recent years through over-development. Using low energy applications such a heat resistant nano film on the glass facade, the use of recycled timbers, LED lighting, recycled water (inc black water), mixed mode cooling and heat shields over the top of the building, this project has truly been a success on many levels.