Mercurio Design Lab are shortlisted in the ID&A £2.5-£5 Million (Property Value) Award

Mercurio Design Lab are shortlisted in the £2.5-£5 Million (Property Value) Award with Villa Alba in Singapore.


These twin villas comprise of 3 floors and 1 basement, located on Sentosa island along Ocean Drive, facing the Golf Course.

Born from a symbolic design philosophy that systematically imbued deep significance in every plane and corner of their conception. Symbology is introduced at many different levels so that visually browsing the villas can offer various interpretations to the watchful eye. The more obvious one is the alluring hint to the sun rising on the sea line of the horizon – a hint that doesn’t just intend to visually mimic the disk that slowly rises from the sea up into the architecture itself, but also evokes a positive mindset in inspiring a relentless cycle of rebirth and new beginnings. This idea is reinforced by the use of warm materials such as terracotta and travertine.


The curved roof offered an alternative to the standard 30 degree pitched roof, enabling an attic with character to be located within.Views of the curved roof generate visual interest from inside Level 2 and the attic, while the roof, along with supplementary screens, provides sunshading and protection from heavy rain.

Driven by the idea of modern tropical living, the villa avoids extensive glazing on the western facades and provides deep, shaded recesses for natural cooling and further sun protection. The heat resistant terracotta tiles have an air cavity behind themto enable air and water circulation for natural cooling, while extensive cross-ventilation and energy efficient glazing minimise the need for air-conditioning. Natural cooling is enhanced on the golf course side by pools leading off the living/dining spaces.

The curved profile of the roof, probably Alba’s most distinctive trait, take a major role also in the interior spaces at the second and attic floors where it has been intentionally left visible, creating an intriguing effect of heightened space and attractive visual composition.


Consistency is one of the most important rules obeyed by designer who requested to lead the way from the master planningall the way to the selection of the artworks and loose ornaments, a very distinct approach for a designers to design every parts of a house, including architecture, interiors, artworks and landscape.