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Congratulations to Michael Abrams Interiors who have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Michael Abrams Interiors  have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

This architecturally significant modern home features a warm luxurious interior that allowed the owner’s art collection to take centre stage.

This 15,000 square foot modern home is nestled on a two-acre wooded lot, the home and grounds created the perfect foundation for furnishing a warm luxurious interior. The Michael Abrams design process for this home was an especially relaxed one and the collaboration with the client was very proactive. Having designed two previous homes with this client, Michael Abrams Interiors had long since established an open and trusting working relationship in which it was easy to understand their goals and desires.

Michael Abrams Interiors

Each room was carefully planned to reflect the owner’s tastes and lifestyle, incorporating special pieces from previous homes that were designed together as well as pieces from the client’s travels. Michael Abrams Interiors selected clean-lined architecturally inspired furnishings and warm tonal neutrals for the textiles that provided an understated foundation for their ever-evolving art collection.Michael Abrams Interiors

Michael Abrams favourite aspect of the project was the client relationship. This was the third home he had worked on with this vibrant family. Each design is built on a foundation of trust and understanding and over the course of the working relationship that gave Michael Abrams a tremendous amount of creative leeway to encourage the design forward. The layout of the home was situated to fit around existing century-old oak trees on the two-acre estate. To make the most of the serene natural views of the yard, Michael Abram Interiors minimised the use of heavy window treatments that might obstruct the views, using solar shades and sheer lightweight fabrics to extend the experience of bringing the outdoors in.

Michael Abrams Interiors

This project called upon the skills of numerous skilled artisans to make the design ideas come to life. For the Living Room, Michael Abrams Interiors commissioned metal-artist Eric Gushee to create a massive three-dimensional woven wire installation for the wall.  The organic architecture and vibrant colour provided the ideal juxtaposition to the home’s architectural interior and transformed the vertical plane of the wall into something truly unique.

Michael Abrams Interiors

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