Michael Fiebrich Design Shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge Award

design et al are delighted to announce…

Michael Fiebrich Design has been successfully shortlisted into the 2015 International Hotel & Property Awards. Their project ‘The Club’ has been shortlisted for the Bar/Club/Lounge Award.


A modern Club Lounge for the most iconic building in Singapore, with an interior as modern and striking as the architectural wonder it sits atop.


Several architectural features were designed to speak to the iconic modern architecture of Marina Bay Sands and these became key elements of the project.


Interior feature walls clad in a combination of polished, satin and matte bronze rods act as both semi private screens and wonderful textural backdrops and mimic the verticality and
sparkle of the Singapore cityscape. Custom pendants reminiscent of metallic clouds, highlight the ceilings and finally, patterns taken from the structure of the modern MBS building are interpreted into carpets aswell as inlay patterns to the stone flooring. The panoramic views of Singapore are a large part of the experience of the space and the architectural elements and features as well as the colours and materials we’ve chosen, speak beautifully to the surrounding skyline, blending the exterior views seamlessly with the interior.

“We successfully created this type of sophisticated “skyscape” by layering various architectural elements and carefully taking colour cues from the views to extend the vistas
within the space, making for a very exciting experience, day or night.”