Michela Reverberi & Compositeworks

Congratulations to Michela Reverberi Studio & Compositeworks shortlisted for Interior Design Award – Sailing Yacht in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Michela Reverberi Studio & Compositeworks have been shortlisted for Interior Design Award – Sailing Yacht within The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2018.

The Spirit of the C’s refit was a particularly demanding project, because of a very short time frame, a great challenge was to realise an elegant and timeless interior, typical of Perini Navi yachts, while reflecting the spirit of the family that own the boat. The design brief was to create a totally different atmosphere while maintaining as much of the existing structure and panelling as possible.

Michela Reverberi & CompositeworksPhotography by Quin Bisset, Q&K Media

In 2016, the Spirit of the C’s massive refit was completed at Compositeworks shipyard in La Ciotat, with major interior and exterior design modifications and performance enhancement. The shipyard’s favourite aspect is said to be the main deck salon, where the transformation between the before and after is amazing. The new aft opening completely transformed the salon, bringing a new relaxed atmosphere which elegantly matches the class of a Perini Navi exterior. The design works well because it is understated, whilst at the same time it dazzles whomever enters the vessel. The fresh and elegant interior, that is now full of light, still wraps the visitor with a warm and cosy feeling, allowing them to feel at ease.

Michela Reverberi & CompositeworksPhotography by Quin Bisset, Q&K Media

The greatest intervention was to remove the aft pantry and open a huge glass exit door in its place, creating an amazing source of light. It also increased the dimension of the salon. These new concepts, coupled with a new colour palette, created a relaxed space full of light. On the port side, Michela Reverberi created the connection between the salon and captain’s office, using it to form an opening allowing the Captain’s office to become part of the salon and provide the owner with his own office, a facility he appreciated for his business.

Michela Reverberi & Compositeworks

Photography by Quin Bisset, Q&K Media

In the dining room, the bar was rotated 90 degrees, opening the space and increasing the use of it. The colour palette follows the one of the salon, creating a unity for all the main deck. The main deck has a teak and holly floor that continues from outside. The colours of the walls and mullions matches the exterior, in order to delete any boundary between inside and outside. Leather was added in the frames of the walls and cabinets. The designers selected the reverse side, to give a smooth effect, but rough enough to create an interesting effect balancing the clean and elegant surrounding area. The staircase, split in half during the original solution, was rectified and made more aerial and contemporary. The lower deck kept its original arrangement, just varying the colour palette with a few interventions on the cabinets. Finally, the addition of precious works of art contribute to providing richness and a very special luxury mood to the whole yacht.


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