design et al are delighted to announce that Mickael Hofmann Immobilier Sarl have been shortlisted for Ski Chalet– Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

The Interior design wanted to respect the warm character of the mountain chalets with a touch of modernity because of its furnishing. The wood is very present (flooring in oak and walls in old-looking arch). In the living room, a natural stone wall crosses the entire room on the southwest side, reminding, to some extent, the walls of the Valais vineyards. A same guideline was chosen for the whole chalet, in order to create a harmony and a sobriety, leaving more space for interior design. It has been designed in a contemporary style.

Mickael Hofmann Immobilier Sarl

The lounge, with its sofas in light colours, brings a certain idea of lightness and softness, which contrasts with the character colder and harder of the stone. A huge semi-opened bookshelf in wood and metal, including the chimney, created two spaces between the living room and the kitchen. However, it allows, thanks to its openings, to appreciate the volume under frame. The kitchen combines modernity with an island with anthracite gloss painted faces and the traditions with wood on the back cover. Original tapestries, in shades of gray (in the lounge) or cream (stair well and bedrooms), contrast with the predominance of wood and bring a touch of lightness.

Mickael Hofmann Immobilier Sarl

The flooring bathrooms have been treated with two materials: the tiling in order to give a raw look of the mountain stone and wood. Lighting, with LED lights and dimmers has been designed in order to play with the ambience; the room under the frame is the central element of the chalet. All the materials used for the design are making one unity in order to have a real wood chalet very cocooning with a clean style. The chalet is located within a greenery environment with forest and lake, facing the Alps. It is told that in China, there is a very special variety of bamboo; therefore, if you plant a seed in a fertile land, you must wait five years for the first stem to be out the ground, to push then 12 meters in a year!

Mickael Hofmann Immobilier Sarl

To conclude, this story is a good metaphor of the planning for this project, because, once the land has been acquired, it took 7 years to take root and that first foundation stone could be laid.


Mickael Hofmann Immobilier Sarl

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