MOBI Shortlisted for the International Product Design Awards in the Table category

design et al are pleased to announce that MOBI has been shortlisted for the International Product Design Awards in the Table category.

The Coco Dining Table is designed to be the focal point of the dining room, and it certainly attracts attention.


At 75cm tall and 120cm wide, the sleek design features a lacquered wooden main structure, with stainless steel elements and a clear glass top, making it almost iridescent in a lovingly lit dining room.

A charming contemporary look makes Coco Dining Table a strong attribute for any high end dining room. Its remarkable style is based on the modern trends with a focus on only using the highest quality materials.


This dining table could be considered a work of modern art by many in the fashion and design worlds, which makes it easy to create a space that’s chic, unique and family friendly.

One of the main advantage of this Coco Dining Table is that it works well with many decor themes. Coco Dining Table is perfect for these without a lot of space and also looking for a solution to consolidate in style.