Monaco Residence by Sandra Hinton Design Studio

Sandra Hinton Design Studio have been shortlisted for City Space (Apartment/Penthouse) – Global in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Monaco Residence by Sandra Hinton Design Studio is a 200m2 apartment within a Monaco high-rise building, holding prime position upon the French Riviera as it overlooks the harbour and the palace. The project was underpinned by compromise, as the client brief required the need to appease two contrasting tastes.

The wife has a more modern taste and the husband a more classical one. She has an impressive art collection and he has been handed down some antiques from his family. Whilst the array of stunning art and antiques were a sight to behold, it represented the crux of this brief. The challenge was to create an interior around the art pieces, whilst incorporating the antiques into a more modern design and making sure that the relatively stark design of the apartment became warm and welcoming.

Sandra Hinton Design Studio

Indeed, such contrasting aspects may create an environment not conducive to concordance. In the case of Monaco Residence, it is clear Sandra Hinton Design Studio have fulfilled the brief to perfection. The antiques, the art and the modern furniture all marry harmoniously in the same space. Nothing seems out of place. As a result, such a harmonious design allowed for the appeasement and admiration of both clients. Coordinating such impressive art pieces, further served to be a favourite aspect of the project for Principal, Sandra Hinton.

Sandra Hinton Design Studio

Monaco Residence not only acts as an interior design scheme synonymous with its idyllic and luxurious surroundings, it further serves as a metaphor for compromise. It represents how no two people are the same and how often two people can have very different tastes. But given some thought, hard work and truly listening to what each wants but also the willingness to compromise, things can amalgamate harmoniously in the same space.

Sandra Hinton Design Studio


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